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Welcome to Division 51 of the American Psychological Association

By Dr. Ed Adams

Past President

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The poet and social critic T.S. Eliot said, “Home is where one starts from.” As our research, teaching, and clinical practices demonstrate, the Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities (SPSMM-Division 51) is home to many diverse professionals interested to understand and positively impact the experiences of men and boys.


SPSMM is a place of continuous starts and it’s also a place to belong. We start with questions about men and boys then end up addressing deeper and more complex questions about masculinities. We innovate. We explore. We connect and we educate. We enjoy holding on to a beginner’s mind that leads us to challenge assumptions, embrace creativity, and envision possibilities. Our members want to make important contributions to psychology, improve psychological practices, and understand the cultural perceptions about masculinities that either facilitate or hinder development.

Students, early career psychologists, seasoned psychologists, mental health professionals, social workers, counselors, researchers, and other mindful persons can find a professional home in Division 51. We are interested in furthering the psychological understanding of men, boys, masculinities, and people facing gender-based oppression.

We attract professionals involved in clinical work, research, gender studies, sexual minorities, the promotion of political influence, and issues related to social justice.


Being elected president of SPSMM is a sacred trust and an exciting and challenging position to hold. My own presidential initiatives center on three main goals:

1) To encourage growth within the division’s membership in both scale and depth. The robust future of SPSMM depends upon involved members.

2) To facilitate SPSMM and strengthen the division’s leadership and public influence on issues related to men, boys, and masculinities through our research, public awareness, political influence, and education.

3) To find ways to encourage and integrate greater compassion and self-compassion into the hearts and minds of men and boys. I want compassion and self-compassion to be an identified trait that men proudly own. I hope to see compassion and self-compassion become a viable, measurable outcome of both research and our therapeutic interventions.

SPSMM is a place to start and a place to belong. It is always a place of inquiry. Take advantage of our journal (Psychology of Men and Masculinity), workshops, on-line educational programs, and professional presentations. Become active in our intentions. Teach us to help meet the incredible challenges facing men and masculinities in a culture begging for leadership and direction. Division 51 welcomes you into our professional home or for those already members, to deepen your needed involvement.

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