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As our mission statement below describes, SPSMM is dedicated to practice and research addressing the unique issues surrounding masculinities and all individuals identifying as men or boys. You can learn more about SPSMM here.

Mission Statement (Adopted April, 2022) 

The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities (SPSMM, Division 51 of the American Psychological Association) promotes evidence-based psychological practice and the empirical study of how gender roles relate to the physical and emotional health of men and boys. Members of the Division include psychologists, professionals in related fields, and graduate students who conduct research, training, consultation, education, advocacy, and clinical practice to enhance the opportunities for men and boys to experience their full human potential and to lead healthier lives. Our work is done through a multicultural lens that emphasizes social justice for all with a recognition of the need to study, to challenge, and to improve societal systems. In order to meet our mission, Division 51 sponsors a professional journal, The Psychology of Men & Masculinities, special interest groups, task forces, conferences, retreats, a mentoring program, continuing education, leadership development, and a variety of opportunities to participate in its governance along with social events.

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