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Task Force on Boys in School

What We Do

Our current task is developing a set of peer-reviewed fact sheets that address key issues for boys in school. The fact sheets are intended to empower educators to cultivate learning environments that enable boys to embody their full humanity, question restrictive norms of masculinity for themselves, and experience schools as places that support their creativity, individuality, and growth.

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of professionals who are concerned about the longstanding and mostly unaddressed issues that many boys experience during K-12 schooling.

Why We Are Here

To provide information and resources to educators, from teachers to superintendents, that will enhance their understanding of issues specific to boys’ academic performance and engagement in school more broadly.

To heighten the awareness of school and community-based interventions that can be implemented to enable boys to achieve greater academic and school success.


To support policy makers’ efforts to create policies and procedures that facilitate all boys’ education, school success, and healthy development.

The Task Force focuses on supporting ALL boys including the ways that boys of color and other marginalized statuses experience greater degrees of disadvantage and being underserved in school environments.

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