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Winners of the Division 51 Graduate Student Innovative Research Scholarship Announced

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Nicholas C. Borgogna M.A. and Alyssa Dye M.A. have been selected as the 2020 winners of the division 51 graduate student innovative research scholarship. Nicholas C. Borgogna in a doctoral candidate in the combined-integrated clinical and counseling psychology Ph.D. program at the University of South Alabama. Alyssa Dye is a doctoral student in the counseling psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Kansas. Both winners will receive $500 to support novel research studies.

Their study titles are: "Might Precarious Masculinity be Related to Men’s Propensity to Own Firearms?" (Borgogna) and "Perceptions of Paternal Perinatal Depression and Help-Seeking Pathways" (Dye).

Results from their research is anticipated to be presented at the upcoming 2020 American Psychological Association convention in Washington D.C.

Nicholas C. Borgogna

Alyssa Dye

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