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APA's Practice Guidelines for Psychological Work with Men and boys

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Over 60 D51 members and students contributed to these guidelines, which summarize over 40 years of research in the psychology of men and masculinities.

Click HERE to download a copy of the official APA guidelines.

Here are the 10 guidelines included in the report, which will expire in 2028, according to APA policy:

  1. Psychologists strive to recognize that masculinities are constructed based on social, cultural, and contextual norms.

  2. Psychologists strive to recognize that boys and men integrate multiple aspects to their social identities across the lifespan.

  3. Psychologists understand the impact of power, privilege, and sexism on the development of boys and men and on their relationships with others.

  4. Psychologists strive to develop a comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence the interpersonal relationships of boys and men.

  5. Psychologists strive to encourage positive father involvement and healthy family relationships.

  6. Psychologists strive to support educational efforts that are responsive to the needs of boys and men.

  7. Psychologists strive to reduce the high rates of problems boys and men face and act out in their lives such as aggression, violence, substance abuse, and suicide.

  8. Psychologists strive to help boys and men engage in health-related behaviors.

  9. Psychologists strive to build and promote gender-sensitive psychological services.

  10. Psychologists understand and strive to change institutional, cultural, and systemic problems that affect boys and men through advocacy, prevention and education

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