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Academic Outreach Committee Home Page

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Mission statement:

​Hello, prospective students and faculty! We are the Academic Outreach Committee, and our mission is to engage with students and educators who are hoping to learn more about the psychological studies of men and masculinities. We can help you connect with the Division 51 community as well as faculty and academic programs currently researching and teaching the psychology of men. The committee is here to empower you with helpful resources and networking opportunities as you take important steps in your professional development. If you are interested in learning more about our community and values, please follow the link below:

Reach a committee member via email:

Hear from students and faculty about our division:

Meet and collaborate with leading experts in the field of men and masculinity

Division 51 is the professional home of many accomplished researchers and clinicians.

Division 51 members are open to collaboration for research and educational endeavors.

Dr. Brian Cole presenting on paternal involvement in fathers.

Advantages of Division 51


  • Teaching the Psychology of Men Resource Page, including syllabi being used to teach the psychology of men, helpful resources, and information over teaching workshops.

  • Monthly consultation groups for helping clinicians with the psychological treatment of men and boys.

  • Men and masculinity resource guide (With the ability to submit resources of your own) (coming soon).

Upcoming activities

  • Syllabi for instructors wanting to teach gender studies courses including masculinities

  • Opportunities for workshops addressing clinical concerns for male clients

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