D51 Governance 

"Serving in Division 51 has been a tremendous boon to my career. The connections I made here are a major reason I have such a great faculty position today" - Ryon C. McDermott, Ph.D.

Elected Officers

(Terms start January 1 and end December 31)

Board Members

Dr. Wizdom Powell (2020 President)

Dr. Daniel Ellenberg (2021 President Elect)

Dr. Ryan McKelley (2019 Past President) 

Dr. Perry Halkitis (Member at Large – Sexual and Gender Minority Slate) 

Dr. Larry Beer (Council Representative) 

Dr. Shalena Heard  (Member at Large – open slate)

Dr. Bill Johnson (Member at Large –  racial/ethnic minorities slate) 

Dr. Cori J. Calkins (Member at Large - Women’s Slate)

Dr. Michael Parent (Secretary) 

Thomas Parkman (Member at Large –student slate) 

Dr. Randa Remer-Eskridge (Treasurer) 

Dr. Tyler Bradstreet (Member at Large – early career professionals slate) 

Appointed Officers

(Terms start January 1 and end December 31)

Chairs of Committees

Dr. Brian Cole, Dr. Danny Singley & Dr. Sonia Molloy (Co-chairs, Membership and Recruitment Committee) 

Dr. Michele Harway (Finance Committee) 

Rabiatu Barrie (2019 & 2020 APA program), Paul Ingram (2018 & 2019 APA program)

Dr. Mark Kiselica (Fellows Committee) 

Dr. Ronald  Levant & Dr. Holly Sweet (Division 51 Advisory Committee)

Dr. William Liu (Publications Committee) 

Dr. Michael Parent (Continuing Education)

Dr. Wizdom Powell (Nominations and Elections Committee) 

Dr. Daniel Singley (Co-chair, Membership and Recruitment Committee) 

Dr. Edward Adams (Awards Committee) 

Dr. Shalena Heard (APA Interdivisional Coalition for Psychology in Schools)

Other Key Personnel 


List moderator

Dr. Gerry Crete 


Journal Editor

Dr. William Liu 

Social media and website team

Dr. Ryon McDermott (Communications and Media Director) 

Tyler Bradstreet (Head, Social Media) 


Representatives to APA coalitions and consortiums

Dr. Shalena Heard (Representative for APA interdivisional coalition for Psychology in Schools) 

Dr. Christopher Liang (Representative for social justice division consortium)

Dr. Ronald Levant (Policy Advisor)


Heads of Special Interest Groups

Dr. Jon Davies & Dr. Ed Adams (Clinical Practice)

Dr. Will Elder (Sexual and Gender Minorities)

Dr. Shalena Heard (Racial and Ethnic Minorities)

Dr. Zachary Isoma & Dr. Christopher Reguli (Co-chair, Violence and Trauma)

Thomas Parkman (Students)

Dr. Christopher Reigeluth (Co-chair, Violence and Trauma)

Dr. Holly Sweet (Mentoring)


Conveners, Division 51 Task Forces for Strategic Planning


Dr. Edward Adams (Task Force 4:  Outreach to the public about men’s issues)

Dr. William Elder (Task Force 2: Diversity)

Dr. Daniel Singley (Task Force 1:  Membership)

Dr. Holly Sweet (Task Force 3:  Outreach to APA divisions and outside organizations involved with the psychology of men and masculinities)

Dr. David Whitcomb (Task Force 5:  Division governance)

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