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What We Do

This taskforce will specialize in identifying and creating programs that empower and enrich the lives of men through the lens of antiracism. This approach seeks not only to identify and work with men directly but to impact systems and communities more positively for the lives of men. The antiracist approach will divest away from more oppressive, stigmatizing, and pathological approaches with men and seek not only the involvement of practitioners, researchers, advocates but the men themselves in identifying their needs and forming their own systems.

What is the Antiracist TF?

The Antiracist Taskforce is proposed as an ongoing initiative drafted to better meet the needs of men, masc individuals, and male-identified folx and diverse communities through concerted efforts in Division 51 of APA.

Why We Are Here

The Div. 51 Antiracist taskforce recognizes the impact various systems have on men, seeks out how to not only reduce poor outcomes for men but engage with men for the healing, empowerment and ultimately the liberation of men. It is the belief of this taskforce that the liberation of all male-identified folx involves instilling cognitive flexibility, systems awareness, interpersonal skills learning and opportunity for continued growth. Additionally, liberation and antiracist efforts will include interpersonal and systems engagement as a focus of the group. Both internal and external concerns will be addressed through program development, mentorship opportunities, and research grant funding opportunities.

In being antiracist, this taskforce encompasses a commitment to the equity of all people and a commitment to the health, welfare, and success of male-identified folx. By identifying the systems and ideologies that adversely impact men this taskforce will additionally seek to empower those who have a stake in the welfare of men. These efforts will be a collaboration of APA members, academics, educators, social workers, psychologists, therapists, researchers, and advocates to promote not only the development of research but the dissemination of its information to better inform intervention and policy. The task force itself will identify a means of providing encouragement and support for its members but also create a forum for disseminating the newest and most accurate information available towards these efforts. Thus, through the promotion of training, mentorship, research, narratives, social activities, and relationship that this Div. 51 taskforces will create a more liberated and connect world for the lives of men and communities abroad.

Get Involved

To learn more about the Antiracism Taskforce or to get involved, contact Baron Rogers, Ph.D.

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