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Rabiatu Barrie, Ph.D., has been chosen as the Division 51 2019 Diversity Leadership Fellow.

Dr. Barrie is an assistant professor at Adler University whose research explores the gendered racial socialization of African American adolescent boys by their African American fathers. Her proposed fellowship project is a module-based curriculum for psychology graduate students to challenge and explore their biases in work with African American men. 

Her application underlined a strong desire to create evidence-based, self-reflective training opportunities to engage psychological work with Black men. She is looking forward to mentoring opportunities afforded by Division members who specialize in the mental health of Black men and boys. Over the next year, please take the opportunity to get to know this remarkably accomplished early professional and offer your support. We are thrilled to assist her career goals, which include Division 51 service. Congratulations, Dr. Barrie! 

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